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Emeritus is an honorary title bestowed upon one who has retired from a position (pastor, professor, or other professional position) as a way of honoring the individual’s service. Emeritus comes from the Latin word emereri, which means to earn one’s discharge by service. Bestowing the title “Pastor Emeritus” upon a retiring pastor is a way for the church to honor one for their leadership.

It is a joy for the FHCC family to honor the Reverend Paul Jones as our Pastor Emeritus! He organized the Faith in God Baptist Church (FIGC) in 1981 and experienced a fruitful ministry that served both the membership and the community. The ministries he developed supported the under-served families including those needing shelter, food, clothing, and information regarding public assistance programs

Pastor Jones served FIGC until 1994 due to many health challenges forcing him to resign as the Senior Pastor and thereafter encouraging the membership to elect the Reverend La Velle Gates as its new pastor. The membership embraced his recommendation and unanimously made Reverend Gates the new pastor. Reverend Gates immediately vowed to honor Pastor Jones annually and recognized him regularly.

Though the church honors Reverend Jones, it is also a great joy to honor his eternal companion, “Mama Grace.” She is an awesome woman of God who continues to partner with her husband serving many in the body of Christ including, FHCC, Victory Baptist Church, and the New Hope Baptist Church in the city of Pasadena.

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